Jardin Vanille

vue panoramique restaurant la nuit la salle de restaurant vanille caramel épices terrasse extérieure avec vue panoramique


The restaurant, with a splendid sight on the sea and surrounding mountains will bewitch you.

The bar is a friendly spot, where people love to meet in the evening around a “Home-made Punch”.

Once sited, flavors of many spices will come from the kitchen: peppers, cloves, curcuma, ginger and others, used in the cooking of delicious fishes from the nearby bay : Carangues, Thazards, Mérous, Swordfishes… enough to excite your apetite !

Bought daily to village fishermen, these products can’t be fresher.
Of course, they will be available according to the season, such as the very famous wild shrimps of Madagascar, lobsters, camarons, crabs of Mangrove.
You should also try zebu meat known for its tenderness and taste..

You will enjoy fresh and very tasty vegetables. Also available will be fresh and tasty fruits, brought daily by children and their moms from the mountain.